Episode 7: No Trespassing…or fuckin’ with black chicks


[audio http://s3.amazonaws.com/audio.boxwinesocial.wordpress.com/BWS+Audio/Ep+7+-+No+Trespassing.mp3]

The Box Wine Socialites discuss succulent wieners (the Anthony variety), crying over spilled milk, and play a lively game of “Would You Rather…”

In addition, the Governess graces us with yet another guest appearance, and answers questions from our listeners in a segment called, “Ask A Governess”. We’re always delighted to have her!


Episode 5: Stroller Derby


[audio https://s3.amazonaws.com/audio.boxwinesocial.wordpress.com/BWS+Audio/Ep+5+-+Stroller+Derby.mp3]

For this episode, the Box Wine Socialites are joined by our friends, Nick & “Mona”. We discuss isolation, heroin addiction, and ways to make roller derby more interesting (because it currently sucks).