Episode 10: Booze & Boos

[audio http://s3.amazonaws.com/audio.boxwinesocial.wordpress.com/Ep+10+-+Booze+%26+Boos+.mp3]

This episode, the Box Wine Socialites discuss J’Ouvert, stampeding blacks, risking life and limb at Action Park, and whacking off to Chat Roulette.



Episode 9: Sex(ual Predator) in the City

[audio http://s3.amazonaws.com/audio.boxwinesocial.wordpress.com/Ep+9+-+Sex(ual+Predator)+in+the+City.mp3]

In this weeks episode, Nick joins the Box Wine Socialites in discussion about piercings, date rapist apologizers, and “vagacials”.  Yeah, it’s a weird one.


Episode 8: Drinkin’stein


In this episode, the Box Wine Socialites vent frustrations over NYC’s complete lack of personal space, and seemingly endless bounty of road rage.  We’ve also come up with 38,000 reasons why Oprah is the worst woman alive and undeserving of anyone’s sympathy.  Oh, and Rafiya answer’s some pertinent questions about her personal life.


Episode 7: No Trespassing…or fuckin’ with black chicks


[audio http://s3.amazonaws.com/audio.boxwinesocial.wordpress.com/BWS+Audio/Ep+7+-+No+Trespassing.mp3]

The Box Wine Socialites discuss succulent wieners (the Anthony variety), crying over spilled milk, and play a lively game of “Would You Rather…”

In addition, the Governess graces us with yet another guest appearance, and answers questions from our listeners in a segment called, “Ask A Governess”. We’re always delighted to have her!